Meet Me


The name is Eniola. There are very few ways to get me talking really passionately. One is to make the conversation centred around BOOKS. God, I love good books. I love the smell of new books, I love the feel of hard copies and I love the compatibility of soft copies. It really doesn’t matter how it comes – I love it already. As much as I love them, I love talking about them.

For obvious reasons, I could talk about Money forever. Yea, I love Money too and I studied Money Management (Well, something close to that).

Lastly, if you really need me to say something or argue endlessly (which I wouldn’t do) then say something about restricting a woman from working. Arrrrghhh, statements like that get on my nerves. So I write about them too.

Basically, my blog is where I vent and discuss two cents on Books, Finances, Women and Careers.