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Shelf Series #6

Shelf series #6

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light

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Seven Secrets Of Successful Women – Book Summary

This book is specifically for people who desire to achieve success on many different levels; for the woman who desires a balance in her life, rewards for her contributions at work, a fulfiling career and the confidence that she can live up to her potentials in today’s working world. 

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Dealing With Overspending

At one point or the other, we all have been found guilty of spending beyond our budgets.  In our several attempts to stay chic, up-to-date and posh we’ve had to go off our budgets to get one or two things that were not in the initial plan.

It is alright to do this once in a while but it becomes a problem when it happens often. If you stay true to your budgets or get above the line a little that is equally fine. However, you need to look into it if you can’t seem to control how excessively you cross the line.



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A Paper-Craft Artist: Creating A Hint Of Beauty Everywhere

It is devastating to hear young folks say things like they do not know their passion. A whole lot of people in this category are wasting both time and resources trying to discover what their passion is. Ever heard of creating your own passion? Today on the blog, we featured a young and thriving woman in the event-décor industry. Not only has she created a niche for herself, she saw a problem and created a passion out of it.

Ope Harun is adorable and such as pleasure to be with. She drops a hint of beauty wherever she is. She has always had a thing for aesthetics. From room decor to food art, handmade cards, customised gifts and now paper flowers. Not only is she industrious, she is also determined. Possessing that attitude towards her business and passion hasn’t only made a name for her in the industry it has brought fulfilment.


Here, Ope shared what it’s really like as a Paper Craft Artist. From how she started and her first work, hurdles and encouragement, opinions and recommendations, her strength is evident. Enjoy!

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The Truth About Side Jobs

In this generation, we have become well aware of our unlimited potential. Never before has there been an overwhelming number of freelancers, consultants, creative producers who absolutely work for themselves.  Lately, fresh graduates aren’t all about doing a 9-5, stuck behind a desk, wearing suits and ties and responding to superiors. They want to be their own bosses, work from the comfort of their homes or a coffee shop in sweatshirt and jeans and respond to their own clients when they plan to. Seems like the easy life to me.

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